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Campervan conversion options custom conversions
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Campervan Conversion options

Campervan Conversion options as seen in VW Bus Magazine

Bearwood Campers Custom Campervan Conversion Options

Bearwood Campers offers a FREE bespoke custom design process for each of our Camper conversion customers. Our team will work with you to make sure that you have the campervan conversion of your dreams and can even help you source the right base van free of charge. On this page, you will be able to see some examples of the styles and options that our custom camper conversion customers will be able to have. No Bearwood Camper is the same and we pride ourselves on helping you to realise your campervan dream. that a look below to get some inspiration for your campervan conversion or check out what finished Camper conversions we have for sale.

Pick Your Campervan Conversion Style

Bearwood Campers is renowned for our Retro style mixed with modern luxury and our personalised service. For those of you wanting external styling on your campervan conversion, we have 4 options and are always open to new ideas.

Two-tone Retro style campervans

Our Two-tone retro styled camper vans take a modern twist on the old classic slitty VW Campervans. We give our campers a high quality paint job and add modern retro styled alloys to give them that retro styled surfer look. 

Two-tone Sports style campervans

For those who want a bit of both, we are also able to combine our retro styled two-tone look with our sporty look. Here you get the best of both worlds, you get the two-tone paintwork in any colour you like, whilst also getting the body kit, 20” alloys, grills and splitters.

Sports style campervans

For those of you looking for something a little bit more sporty in a campervan style, we offer our sports styled campers. These have replacement black gloss grills, front splitters, sidebars, 20” alloys and have their suspension lowered. These sport styled campervans have a really mean look that we think looks great.

Standard/ commercial
Van style

This option is for those that just want the internal conversion and to leave the outside of their camper the same as the base van.

Bearwood Campers VW campervan interior

We are renowned for our unique, high quality and hand crafted campervan interiors. You will be able to choose from a wide range of different options in every aspect of your VW transporter camper conversion interior. Below is a little more info on each section that makes up a Bearwood Campers Campervan interior. 

VW Campervan Interior Kitchen style

Our Kitchens are something that we are most proud of at Bearwood Campers. When starting out we couldn't find a campervan kitchen that didn't come as a giant Ikea style kit or that met our ideas of high quality in construction and design. So, working alongside one of the UK's leading luxury kitchen manufacturers, for home kitchens, we designed our own range of campervan kitchens. To then take these kitchens to the next level we introduced our own handcrafted cast resin and blow torched sustainable bamboo work tops. Our kitchens and worktops are like nothing else in the campervan world and can only be found in Bearwood Campers conversions. Our Campervan worktop methods and range have become such a hit in the campervan world we have people travelling from as far as north Scotland and Cornwall to our campervan conversions workshop in Leicestershire in the Midlands to have one of our custom campervan conversions. Take a look at our different kitchen designs below. If you don't see something that works for you then contact us and we can look at doing you a custom design.

Bearwood Campers Luxury Kitchen Mark 1: The max storage space option

This is our most popular Bearwood Campers VW Campervan Kitchen. It has a kick out at the driver's end of the kitchen which allows for the electrics to sit nicely tucked away behind the fridge whilst allowing maximum work surface area in the Kitchen.

Bearwood Campers Luxury Kitchen Mark 3: The full Retro option

With all the same appliances and comforts as the Mark 1 & 2 the Mark 3 gives you the full Splitscreen retro look inside your camper. It maximises lights and windows in your camper van

Bearwood Campers Luxury Kitchen Mark 2: The max floor space option

With all the same appliances and luxury as the Mark 1 the Mark 2 is a straight-cut kitchen unit. This allows for a RIB bed on Rails and also gives people wanting more floor space the chance to have a luxury kitchen too.

Campervan conversion kitch designer.jpg

Want something else for your Campervan conversion kitchen?

If none of our styles quite meet what you are looking for then get in touch with us and our design team will work to design a kitchen that works for you. As these are exclusively Bearwood Campers Kitchens there is a lot we are able to do with the designs for you.

Your Campervan Kitchen Colours

Your Campervan Kitchen Handle options

Your Campervan Kitchen work top

We have a huge range of colours to build your campervan kitchen doors and draws in. We will send you a full swatch to see them all in the flesh. But here are a few of our favourite and most popular colours

We have a huge range of hundreds of kitchen door handles for your Campervan Kitchen. These are some of our favourites and the custom-made Bearwood Camper options are our most popular. If you can't see something you like we will email you the full catalogue of handle options.

Our kitchens are made famous by their luxury quality and their handmade cast resin worktops. You have lots of choices for your worktop style. For those that like simple we also do the plan bamboo worktops in your choice of waxed finish.

VW campervan interior Beds and upholstery

RIB beds and Rock 'n' Roll bed for your camper conversion

We have a wide choice of styles and types of beds for your campervans interior. You can go for a traditional rock n roll bed with a huge range of customizable upholstery and stitching. Or you can upgrade and go for the luxury of a Rib bed or Rib bed on rails for the ultimate in luxury in campervan conversion beds.

Your Campervans upholstery and seating

As standard, we get your Rock n Rool bed and your front seats reupholstered in matching upholstery. You have a huge range of options for stick patterns, logos and colours.

VW campervan interior pop tops and solar panels

We include our pop tops in the campervan interior field. We only use TUV safety tested and approved pop top roofs from one of our three tried, tested and experienced pop top roof manufacturers. We only fit the high quality marine grade all-weather fabric scenic canvas, as the standard canvas just don’t cut it with us. We are also able to wire in flexible solar panels to your camper to give you more leisure battery range off grid.