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Pop Top Roofs for Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northants & the Midlands

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Approved Pop top roofs for Leicestershire and the Midlands

Bearwood Campers is a family run campervan conversion company based a couple of minutes from J21 on the M1/M69 Junction in Leicestershire, East Midlands. We specialise in pop top roof installations and are approved and accredited fitters for Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northants and the Midlands for three of the UK's leading pop top roof manufacturers. We offer poptop roof supply and fitting services for the full range of VW transporters. We are proud to be one Austops leading approved and accredited fitters. With years of customer feedback and installation experience, we found these 3 pop top roof manufacturers were the companies we wanted to work with. This was due to their advanced construction techniques and the high quality of both their pop top roofs, customer service and warranties. If you are looking for more than a Pop top and need a Custom Campervan Conversion or to buy a Camper Conversion, Awning or Campervan Bed then we can help you out too.

Pop top roofs Leicestershire
Austops pop top roofs Leicestershire

The Best Pop Tops Leicestershire and the Midlands

Along with many others, we think that Austops make the best pop tops in the UK. As standard, every installation of a pop top roof in Leicestershire includes:

  • Free scenic canvas upgrade with Marine all weather fabric

  • TUV safety Pull test certificates (the highest grade of safety test for a pop top roof in the UK

  • Highlift rear hinges

  • 5 years of manufacturer warranties

  • Decades of experience supplying roofs across Europe

Why You Should Turn Your Van into a Camper with a Pop up Roof

Installing a poptop roof to your van will give you a huge amount more space, extra sleeping area and add value to your van but turning it into a camper with a pop top. It will give you the head room you need to be able to stand upright when inside your camper, this especially helps when cooking and avoids causing back pain.

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the services we provide for pop top roof installations in Leicestershire in the East Midlands. We go through what you need to know about high quality pop top roofs, from the type of Vans we work on, the type of roof options, prices, bed options, solar panels, roof bars and answers to all the commonly asked questions people have. Contact us today with details of your van and we will give you a full price and lead time quote.

Our Pop top roofs 

All of the pop top roofs we fit in at our workshop in Leicestershire have the following:

Pop top roof in Leicestershire & the Midlands with 5 year warranty

5 Year manufacturer warranty

TUV pull tested pop top roofs in Leicestershire & the Midlands

TUV pull test approved

How are Pop top roof in Leicestershire & the Midlands are built

Advanced construction techniques

Pop top roofs in Leicestershire & the Midlands tent canvas marine fabric all weather

Marine Grade all weather scenic canvas as standard

Pop top roof  in Leicestershire & the Midlands

Decades of experiance

Pop top roof  in Leicestershire & the Midlands

Made in the UK

Van we install pop top roofs in Leicester on

Our team of poptop roof installation specialists in Leicestershire install a range of different poptops and turn a large range of LWB and SWB vans into poptop campers. Below is the full range of vans we do pop top conversion on at our workshop in the Midlands.

VW Transporter T5/T5.1 pop top

Pop top roof SWB VW Transporter Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Coventry, Birmingham

VW Transporter T6/T6.1 pop top

Pop top roof SWB VW Transporter Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Coventry, Birmingham

VW Shuttles and Kombi pop tops

Pop top roof SWB VW Transporter Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Coventry, Birmingham

How much does a Pop top roof conversion cost

Our approved pop top roof fitting team in Leicester fit a wide range of pop top roofs to give you a range of choice and options. The price list below covers the standard supply and install costs for SWB and LWB poptops from our three approved manufacturers. Our pop top roofs come with the following free upgrades; a scenic marine weather canvas; a reading lights in the pop top; a gel coating in black or white; carpeting the underside of the pop top and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty included in the prices below. Austops SWB pop top from £3,300 and LWB pop top from £3,740

Pop top extras

  • Solid colours from - £100

  • Metalic colour coding from - £450

  • Carpeting framework from - £225

  • New 6 warm LED lights from - £150

  • Standard bed from gas struts from - £275

  • Bi-fold beframe from - £500

  • Delux Sprung bedframe from - £650

  • Mattress from - £100

  • Marine all-weather fabric - Free upgrade

  • Reading Lighht - Free upgrade

  • Carpeted underside of roof - Free upgrade

Pop top roofs Leicester

Which type of pop top roof is right for my van

We have spent years working with a range of VW campervan manufacturers and suppliers at our workshop in Leicestershire. A pop top roofs is one of the most vital parts to get right on any campervan conversion. To make sure you get the best roof for your van we have spent years working with a range of companies and finding the best poptop roofs in the UK so you don't have to. We like to give our customers a range of high quality poptop roofs to choose from. You can give us a call or come down to see our work and poptops at our workshop in Leicestershire

Austops pop top roofs Leicestershire

Pop top roof bed options in Leicester and the Midlands

At our campervan conversion workshop in Leicestershire, we have a range of bed frames that you can have in your campervans new poptop roof. Give us a call to find out more about each option.

Standard gas strut poptop roof beds

Our standard poptop roof bed uses a high-quality ply base which is then carpeted before being installed with high-pressure gas struts for easy lifting. The beds are 6' 6'' long with a 180kg load capacity

pop top bed Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, the midlands

Bi-fold pop top roof beds

Our Bi-Fold pop top roof beds are the next step up when it comes to creating even more head room. these beds are double jointed and double gas strutted. This means that when the pop top is raised you can gain further headroom due to the unique mechanism of the bi-fold pop top roof bed

Bi-fold pop top bed Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, the midlands

Deluxe sprung pop top roof bed- Exclusive to Austops

Austops offers the choice of the Deluxe bed frame in your pop top roof. Giving the same height room as the standard, but giving the ultimate in pop top roof bed comfort due to the unique slat and spring mechanism this bed is a game changer when it comes to comfort. You can contact us here and we will get in touch about our pop top bed options.

Deluxe pop top roof bed Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton, the midlands

Colour options for your Pop top roof tent

With all of our pop top roofs we give you a free upgrade to the scenic canvas. Then all you need to do is choose from a wide range of colours. 

Pop top roof solar panels Leicester

If you are planning to do a lot of wild camping or off-grid camping then adding a 120W solar panel to your pop top roof is a must. Our expert team includes a qualified electrician who can add a solar system to your pop top in our campervan workshop in Leicestershire. Prices start from £650 inc VAT.  Contact us here to discuss Solar panel options.

Pop top roof solar panels Leicestershire

FAQ's about Pop top roof conversions in Leicestershire and the Midlands

How can I find a pop top roof fitter in the Midlands?

Finding a pop top fitter near you that has the right pop top roof, experience and time to do your pop top conversion can be a real challenge. Bearwood Campers fit all of our pop top roofs in our workshop in Leicestershire. As we are less than an hour from Nottingham, Birmingham, Northampton, Coventry, Derby, Sheffield and the West Midlands we serve customers from wide and far. 

How does a pop top roof installation in Leicestershire work?

At Bearwood Campers, we aim to make your pop top roof installation as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our expert team will discuss all of the options, the pros and the cons. Then we will book in your pop top roof conversion over a two day period. Then it is as simple as you dropping off your van to us, at our workshop in Leicestershire, then collecting the next day with a nice new pop top roof installed.


How long does a VW Pop Top roof conversion take?

We allow for two days to fit every pop top roof. This enables us to take the time needed to give your pop top roof conversion an exceptional finish. It also allows time for the mastics used to fully cure.


How much does a pop top roof installation in Leicestershire cost?

Our prices start as low as £3,300 and include a long list of free upgrades. Check out our prices section to see the full list of prices.

What's the best canvas's on VW pop top roofs?

We think that every pop top campervan needs to have a scenic canvas and that's why we give every customer a free upgrade to a scenic canvas.


What colour canvas and tents can I have on my VW pop top roof?

Austops has a huge range of different colours that you can have for your tent. You can see the range of colour options above.

What colour can I have my pop top roof?

The standard colours are Black and White. However, you can colour code your pop top to a solid colour (from £50) or a metallic colour (from £450).


Can I have solar on my pop top?

Yes, you can have solar panels on a pop top roof. If you are planning on going wild camping or off grid camping then solar is a must.


Can a pop top have roof bars attached to it

Yes, a pop top can have roof bars attached to it. Just note that this will most likely increase your ride height to over the standard 2m height of car park barriers.

Is there different styles of pop top roof bed?

From standard pop top roof beds to Bi-fold pop top roof beds and Delux roof beds, there is a pop top roof bed for everyone at our pop top workshop in Leicestershire.

Can pop top roofs leak?

As long as a pop top roof has been made by a quality manufacturer and installed by an approved fitter then a pop top roof should not leak.


Are pop top roofs insulated?

Yes, our pop top roofs are all insulated.

Are pop top roofs noisy?

Pop top roofs should not create any excessive noise. If they do then you should first check you have secured it down fully before contacting your fitter.

Can I fit a mattress in my poptop?

You can fit a 2.5cm mattress into the void between the poptop roof and the pop top bed


How to secure pop top roof?

You secure your poptop roof using a strap and catch system. All of our Austops poptop roofs use this system.

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