Custom Campervan conversions

VW campervan conversions

Every custom campervan conversion is a blend of what you need, what you and the kids want and what you've all seen. At Bearwood Campers we are specialist VW transporter converters and VW campervan enthusiasts. We take a co-design approach to our VW custom campervan conversions. Every campervan conversion is designed with the customer to create their dream campervan. Working in this way every custom campervan is unique, different and designed with you, not for you. Bearwood Campers are a team of experienced VW campervan converters, qualified electricians, carpenters, mechanics and designers

Everything you need to know about building a custom campervan

Our approach to VW custom campervan conversion

Bearwood campers team has a wide range of skills and experience that will help you work out the best campervan conversion plan for you and your base van. We have a simple approach to designing your campervan:

1. We start with a phone consultation to establish the basics of your ideas and discuss some of the options.


2. if you need support sourcing a base van then our team assist you in getting the right van


3. We come to meet you in person to discuss further the options and work out the design with you over a cup of tea.


4. We then confirm the full design with you from what pop top to what lining and light switches and plugs you want.


5. Either you can deliver or we can collect your van. The team spend 4 weeks focused only on your conversion. We only work on one campervan conversion at a time to ensure each campervan conversion gets our full attention.


6. Four weeks later we deliver your dream VW campervan conversion back to you. Complete with a free £500 Bearwood Campers owners kit, a full walkthrough of how to use everything.

7. As you may be too excited to take everything in we also email you a users manual and a video guide to check out later.

You can get an idea of what our conversion look like by checking out our current VW Transporter campers for sale. Our team can also talk to you about how our team can help you get your new campervan on finance can help you finance your camper conversion.

What’s the best vans for custom campervan conversions ?

T6.1 camper conversion.jpeg Custom campervan

Volkswagen transporters are the most popular base vans for custom campervan conversions in the UK. With many different lengths, engines and variations we love the VW transporter. Whether it is a VW shuttle camper conversion, a T5 camper conversion, a T6 camper conversion or the new style T6.1 camper conversion you want, Bearwood Campers can help. We can convert your current van. Our experienced team can also help source you an ideal base van for your custom campervan conversion. Some people prefer a Shuttle camper conversion as they want A/C in the front and rear. Others prefer the basic Start line Transporter camper conversion. We prefer the hi spec VW Highline Transporter camper conversions. The Bearwood campers team are always here to help work through options for base vans.

There is a huge range of Pop top roof manufacturers in the UK. Bearwood Campers are accredited Pop top roof fitters for Austops and Skyline pop top roofs. Austops and skyline have a wide range of pop top roofs, canvas tents, beds which are TUV test accreditations. The 5 year warranties Austops and Skyline provide goes to show the level of quality of their pop top roofs.

Austops T6 pop top roofs.jpg Custom Campervan

Camper copnversion Upholstery

Camper conversion Beds

Bearwood Campers works with a range of M1 tested rock n roll bed manufacturers. You can chose from ¾, full width rock n roll beds or rib beds. The safety of the bed is a vital part of your VW campervan conversions ability to travel in the rear. So we talk through the options to make sure we get the right one for you.

Camper conversion Kitchens

Bearwood Campers takes a different approach to our kitchen units. We do not buy in prefabbed MDF campervan kitchens. Instead our expert carpenter hand crafts cast resin worktops. Our kitchen units are exclusively designed for Bearwood Campers conversion by one of the UK’s leading kitchen designers.

External campervan styling

The external style of your VW camper conversion is how the outside world sees you. You can have a mean looking sportline body kit with black gloss grills and 20” wheels or a two tone retro style or anything between. We love making the external styling of our campervan conversion unique. You can have custom vinyl stickers, paint jobs and body kits to make your dream campervan look just the way you want it.

T6 camper cpnversion solar.jpg Custom campervan

Camper conversion power and solar

Our campervans have their electrics installed by our inhouse qualified electrician. you can have a range of amp hours and lithium leisure batteries. We have a range of options for 230V hooks ups too. Your hook up can be under the bonnet or through the VW badge in the grill. Bearwood Campers also installs solar panels to help with your off grid campervan life.

Campervan Awnings

Awning options differ for VW transporter campervan conversion and VW shuttle camper conversion. Roll out side awnings, single side and double side awning rails all give you versatility when it comes to expanding your campervans space with an awning.

T6 camper conversion flooring.jpeg Custom campervan

Camper conversion Diesel heaters

All year round campervan life is more comfortable with a diesel heater. Bearwood Campers install diesel heaters, with digital controls and remotes direct into the fuel tank.

Camper conversion flooring

Bearwood Campers installs wood effect vinyl in our campervans. Hard wearing but beautiful, our floors come in a large range of colours and styles.

Camper conversion diesel heater.jpg Custom campervan

Camper conversion extras

Bearwood Campers install a wide range of fridges, hobs, swivel seats and entertainment systems in our VW campervan conversions. Only experienced campervan convertors work on your VW campervan conversion. Electrics and gas are signed off by qualified professionals.

Camper conversion upholstery (2).jpg Custom campervan

We use a profession upholstery firm with over 20 years of experience for our front seats and beds. You will have the choice of hundreds of fabrics, any stitch colour and dozens of stitch patterns. You can also have the log of your choice on the headrests. Popular are the VW, Bearwood Campers or a sports team logo.

Pop top roofs

With any VW Shuttle camper conversion or VW transporter campervan conversion, there will be a huge range of options. Whether you want a VW T6 camper conversion, T6.1 camper conversion, T5 camper conversion or a VW shuttle camper conversion the Bearwood Campers team will go through the options below.

VW Shuttle and Transporter conversion options

6 Reasons to Check Availability & Price of our Custom Camper Conversions Today

1. It takes literally seconds to check the price & availability of our custom conversions and we'll rush to get in touch right away to discuss your custom camper conversion.

2. Our attention to detail and unique styling come from focusing on just one campervan at a time. This means we only have a few custom conversion slots each year and availability is limited.

3. Our customers love our co-design approach to custom campervan conversions. We design with you to make sure you get exactly what you want in your campervan conversion.

4. Our team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals. Electricians, mechanics and carpenters with decades of experience work to create our campervans.

5. Our unique kitchens are only installed in Bearwood Campers conversions. Our oak cast resin worktops take ten days to design with every one of them being one of a kind.

6. Because of our quality over quantity approach and our co-design process, our camper conversions are soughtafter. Don’t miss out and check the price and availability of our camper conversions today.