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Campervan Conversions

Campervan Conversions in the Midlands

If you are looking for a company that does campervan conversions that stand out from the crowd, that only use high-quality materials, parts and a custom design process that is personalised and tailored for you, but at no extra cost, then it might be worth checking out the work we do at Bearwood Campers. Based at our campervan conversions workshop in Leicestershire, in the Midlands, we specialise in the special. Our campervan conversions process gives our customers the chance to talk through all of their ideas and helps them find out everything they need to know about smart campervan design and base vans. Our campervan conversions workshop in Leicestershire has been featured in VW Bus magazine and is somewhere you are always welcome to come and talk to us about your campervan conversion dreams.

Campervan conversions in Leicestershire, in the Midlands

About Bearwood Campers Campervan Conversions

Bearwood Campers is a small family run company made up of a dedicated team made up of qualified electricians, shopfitters and mechanics who are experienced accredited campervan convertors and campervan enthusiasts to the bone. We love what we do and have made it our goal to do things differently, to stand out from the crowd in both our campervan conversions, design and customer service. From our dedicated campervan conversions workshop in Leicestershire, we have converted campervans for people from as far away as Fort William and Cornwall, as well as people more local in the East Midlands and West Midlands.

We have gained a reputation for providing high-quality conversion that have a unique style. This mainly comes from our custom-designed and made to order kitchens. These are Bearwood Campers kitchens and can only be found in our campervans, or luxury home kitchens. They come with our famous hand-crafted cast resin and blow torched bamboo work tops. We provide people looking for campervan conversions with a free design and base van sourcing service to help them get a full idea and picture of their options and all of the costs involved. We have helped source base vans and design full campervan conversions from £15,000-£70,000 and every budget in between.

Why talk to Bearwood Campers about your Campervan conversions

In Bearwood Campers you will find a team who love what they do, are happy to talk to you all day about campervans and are dedicated to the highest standards of campervan conversions and customer service whilst keeping the costs realistic.

  • Luxury campers and luxury service for any budget

  • Exclusive designs and exclusive luxury kitchens

  • Free information calls to help answer your questions and guide you through the world of campervan conversions

  • Free design service

  • Free base/donor van sourcing

  • Only professional convertors, electricians, carpenters and mechanics work on your van.

  • Get  you what you need and what you want

Bearwood Campers Campervan Conversions

Bearwood Campers Custom Campervan conversions include:

Qualified Campervan convertors near me

Free Campervan design service

Free base van searching and sourceing service

Famous exclusive kitchens and hand crafted cast resin workshops

A team with Qualified Electricians, Shop Fitters & Mechanics

Exceptional campervan conversion customer service

Family run company with personable approach and exception customer service

Experianced Campervan conversion company near me

All work done by experianced Campervan convertors

High quality campervan conversions

Featured in VW Bus magazine for our workshop and our vans

High quality design and build

VW campervan interior kitchens
Free Campervan base van search service
Free Campervan design service
Featured in VW Bus Magazine

Our Custom Campervan Conversions Process

Our campervan conversions design process focuses fully on our customers ideas and involves them fully. Rather than giving people a list of Ikea style conversion images and options we prefer to take a more bespoke and customer focused approach to our free design process. In doing this we have found that we are able to incorporate more customers ideas and ensure they get the right style and functionality that they wanted, rather than trying to fit them into our conversion boxes.

  1. We start our campervan conversions process by booking either a face to face meeting at our workshop in Leicestershire, in the Midlands, or over a zoom or phone call.

Camper conversions near me
Camper conversions near me

3. We then go away and put together a free conversion design document. This includes everything you have requested for your campervan conversion, plus several different options to both increase and decrease your campervan conversions cost. For customers who do not have a base van, we also provide several options for base vans that range between £5,000 and below and above your preferred budget. This enables you to get a clear idea of what kinds of base van you will be able to get for your campervan conversion.

2. During this meeting we listen to all of your ideas and talk through all of your campervan interior, campervan exteriors and base van requirements. We show you a range of different possibilities, ideas and answer all of your campervan conversions questions. We finish up by discussing the type of budget you are aiming to spend.

Camper conversions near me
camper van conversion near me
Camper conversions near me

4. Next we have a chat to discuss the campervan conversion design document and the options. We work together to refine the conversion and discuss the base van options.

5. Next we either confirm the campervan conversion with you (if you own your own van) or we work to get you the right base van. Once this is purchased we confirm the campervan conversion, take a down payment, order all of your equipment and get a date booked at the workshop in Leicestershire to do your campervan conversion.

Camper conversions near me
camper van conversion near me
camper van conversion near me
camper van conversion near me
camper van conversion near me
Camper conversions near me

6. Upon completion of your Campervan conversion we will arrange for you to come to our workshop in Leicestershire to run through a full hand over process. This takes around 2 hours as our team will go through every aspect of your conversion and ensure that you are comfortable with how every element of your new campervan conversion works. As we know that you will likely be overwhelmed with excitement we also provide you with a paper copy of the user manual, an online version and a set of how to use videos.

7. You drive away from our campervan conversion workshop in Leicestershire with your brand new campervan conversion to start your adventures

camper van conversion near me

Campervan Conversions: Base vans and Free base van sourcing

The world of campervan conversions can sometimes feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole. With so many different types of base vans and specs it can sometimes be hard to know what you should and shouldn’t be looking for. Our team is always happy to chat with you about the different models of VW transporters that we prefer to convert into campervans. From T5 Transporter conversions to T6.1 Transporter conversions, there is a large amount of different specs to get your head around. The best thing to do is to give us a call.


We also offer a free base van sourcing service for all of our customers who are having one of our custom campervan conversions. Here we discuss all of the different types of vans that are available in your budget. Then we use our network of over 14 VW dealers and small Lease hire companies to source you a high quality van below the market price.

VW transporter camper conversions we do and vans we source

VW Transporter T5 conversion

VW Transporter T5.1 conversion

VW Transporter T6 conversion

VW Transporter T5.1 conversion
VW Transporter T5 conversion

VW Transporter T6.1 conversions

VW Transporter T6 conversion
VW Transporter T6 conversion

LWB van conversion

LWB Van conversion

Bearwood Campers Campervan conversions style

Bearwood Campers is renowned for our external campervan styling. For those of you wanting external styling on your campervan conversion, we have several options and are always open to new ideas.

Two-tone Retro style campervans

Our Two-tone retro styled camper vans take a modern twist on the old classic slitty VW Campervans. We give our campers a high quality paint job and add modern retro styled alloys to give them that retro styled surfer look. 

VW Transporter conversion
VW Transporter conversion sports style

Two-tone Sports style campervans

For those that want a bit of both, we are also able to combine our retro styled two-tone look with our sporty look. Here you get the best of both worlds, you get the two-tone paintwork in any colour you like, whilst also getting the body kit, 20” alloys, grills and splitters.

Swamper Campervan conversions.jpg

Sports style campervans

For those of you looking for something a little bit more sporty in a campervan style, we offer our sports styled campers. These have replacement black gloss grills, front splitters, sidebars, 20” alloys and have their suspension lowered. These sport styled campervans have a really mean look that we think looks great.

VW Transporter conversion two tone sports style

Swamper style campervans

The final style we work on is the swamper. Traditionally with off-road tyres these swamper campervans have a more off-road style to them.

Campervan Decals

Decals, we also have the ability to add almost any decal that you would like on your campervan. We can even work with you to design something unique and special for your campervan conversion.