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Converted camper van for sale frequently asked questions
Converted camper van for sale as seen in VW Bus Magazine

Frequently asked questions aboutCamper
conversions for sale

Frequently Asked Questions about VW Camper conversions

Are campervans ULEZ exempt?

Some campervans are classed as Euro 6 and these ones will be ULEZ compliant. It is always wise to check if your campervan is ULEZ exempt before entering a ULEZ zone.


Are campervans a good investment?

If you buy a quality base van and a high quality campervan conversion and look after it, then a campervan can be a good investment. You will be investing in the fun and adventures for you and your family. Then you should be able to recoup a lot of the cost you have spent on your base van and campervan conversion.


Are campervans cold at night?

Campervans should not be cold at night if they have been properly insulated and you have a campervan diesel heater installed by a professional fitter.


Are campervans expensive to run?

Campervans vary in how expensive they are to run. It depends on the age, model and make of your campervans. To give you an idea of running costs, T6.1 campervans you can expect to get around 40-45mpg on the motorway if driving conservatively. 


Are campervans easy to drive / Are campervans hard to drive?

Driving any longer vehicle than you are used to can be a little tricky to get used to. Campervans are no different. The Short wheel base VW T6.1 Transporter is an excellent base van as it has been classed as the most car like van on the market and the easiest to drive.

How much do campervans cost / How much are campervans to buy / How much are VW campervans?

The cost of a VW campervan depends on several factors. Age, model and mileage of the base van for your campervan. If you campervan a professional conversion or a self-build conversion. Is the base van an automatic or manual, barn door or tailgate, 5-speed gearbox or 6-speed gearbox. You can contact us to talk about conversion costs and bas evan costs.


What campervan should I buy, what campervan to buy?

At Bearwood Campers we specialise in VW campervan conversions for sale. We focus on VW Transporter campers as we believe, as do millions of others, that the VW Transporter is the best base van for a campervan conversion.


Where to buy VW camper van?

You should be looking for an experienced and high quality campervan conversion company to buy your campervan from. If you buy from the people who built it then they will be the best people to help you learn how it all works and look after you in the long run.  You can buy a VW campervan in Leicestershire, in the Midlands from Bearwood Campers.


Are VW campervans comfortable?

VW Campervans are the most comfortable drive of all the campervan conversions for sale.


Are VW camper vans the best conversions?

Simply put, YES.

7 Reasons to Check Availability & Price of our Campers Today

1. It takes literally seconds to check the price & availability of our latest VW T6 campervan conversions and our team will get in touch as soon as they can

​2. Our attention to detail and unique styling comes from our small team focusing on one campervan conversion at a time.

3. Our Campervans are only converted VW T6 and T6.1 Transporters. These vans have won international van awards, have fantastic MPG, VW's famed Advanced Driver Assist system, Air conditioning, heated windscreen and publications like Auto Express say the T6's are the “most car like mid-sized van”.


4. Qualified and experienced Professionals, Electricians, Mechanics, Designers and Carpenters with decades of experience make up the Bearwood Campers family team.

5. Bearwood Campers builds some of the UK most unique high quality campers at an affordable price. Because of our quality over-quantity approach, our campers are heavily desired by those wanting to stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss out and check the price and availability of our campervans today.

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