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Fiamma f45 awning fitting

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Wind out awning for campervans

We love the Fiamma f45 awning range and think it is the best wind out awning for campervans. We fit hundreds of these to both vans with no pop top and campervans with pop tops. So if you are travelling in a campervan or day van a Fiamma f45 awning is the perfect accessory, in our eye and necessity, for every campervan. This is because whether you are pulled up at the beach, in the countryside or in a car park in Rhyl, if you want to have shelter from the sun or rain the Fiamma f45 awning range will give you that in just a few moments. You can be parked up and sitting in your favourite deck chair, sheltered from the rain or the sun and ready to enjoy the view. A Fiamma f45 awning can be truly transformational for your campervan.

Fiamma F45 Awnings

Fiamma Awning rails:

Fitting the fiamma awning , fiamma 45 aw

Suits a range of vehicles with the Fiamma F45 awning range

Fitting the fiamma awning , fiamma 45 awning in leicestershire and the Midlands

Available in Black, Grey and polar white

Fitting the fiamma awning , fiamma 45 awning in leicestershire and the Midlands

Quick and simple to wind out and away

Fitting the fiamma awning , fiamma 45 awning in leicestershire and the Midlands

Sleek styling makes it look great on your camper

Fitting the fiamma awning , fiamma 45 aw

Compatible with campervans with pop top roofs

Full list of vans and Campervans do we fit Fiamma awnings to

VW Campervan awnings , Fiamma 45 awning and Fiamma F80 awing in leicesteshire in the Midlands

VW Fiamma Awnings

Transporter Fiamma awning

T5 Fiamma awning

T6 Fiamma awning

Fiamma F45 awning for campervans with and without pop tops

​We think that the Fiamma F45 awning look great on the side of a campervan. With three case colour options, Black, Titanium and Polar white, there is a Fiamma awning to suit every campervan. Fiamma has 2 lengths that suit the VW Transporters both SWB and LWB, the Fiamma F45 awning in 260 for short wheel base and the Fiamma F45 awning in 300 for long wheelbase vans.

We love that the Fiamma f45 awning has been developed to be simple and easy to wind out and back in again with minimal fuss. These new generations of wind out awnings are compact in size when they are closed, yet they still give a very generous amount of protection from the elements when fully extended.

Campervans with pop tops

These awnings can be fitted to a wide range of vans and along with a Vamoose Awning rail they can be fitted to campervans with pop top roofs without the brackets snagging your pop top roof seal.

Contact us to find out more

So if you are looking for a wind out awning that is robust, high quality and used by thousands of campervan converters across Europe, then the Fiamma f45 awning is what you are looking for.

Just get in contact with our team and we can advise on the right awning for you and your campervan.

Fiamma awning fitting in Leicestershire and the Midlands

We provide one of the main Fiamma awning fitting services in Leicestershire and the Midlands for VW Transporters. Fitting a Fiamma involves the use of mastics and drilling several holes into your van. The vast majority of people won't feel comfortable drilling holes in their vans. Bearwood Campers are approved awning fitters for Fiamma awnings and can help you get the right awning, brackets and vamoose rail if you need one. Our expert team of awning fitters can then spend a few hours to attach your new awning. You just need to contact us with details of your van or campervan and we will get you booked in. We are one of the leading Vamoose awning fitters for Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, The East Midlands and the West Midlands, so get in touch to get your Vamoose awning rail fitting booked in today.

Frequently asked questions about campervan awnings

Which vans can a Fiamma f45 awning be fitted to?

The Fiamma f45 awning can be fitted to a wide range of SWB and LWB vans, both with or without poptops on. At Bearwood Campers we only fit Fiamma f45 awnings to VW Transporters in Leicestershire workshop slots. Get in touch with us to find out more

My campervan has a pop top roof, can I still have a Fiamma f45 awning?

Yes you can. It is however important that you first have a Vamoose awning rail attached to your campervan and then have the Fiamma f45 awning attached to the Vamoose rail. This way you will ensure that the Fiamma brackets do not snag the rubber seal on your pop top roof. 


How much is a Fiamma f45 awning to be fitted to my campervan?

We have a simple price structure for the supply and fit of Fiamma f45 awnings. This price is different for Van with or planning to have pop tops and vans without and not planning to have pop tops. The LWB with pop top costs £1,350/ without pop top £950. SWB Fiamma f45 awning with pop top costs £1,250/ without pop top £900 supply, fitted and including VAT. We do all of our Fiamma awning fitting in our workshop in Leicester.

What colour is the Fiamma f45 awning?

You can have your Fiamma f45 awning in any colour you like, as long as you want black, silver or white.


How long does it take to fit a Fiamma f45 awning?

Our Fiamma awning fitting at our workshop in Leicestershire will take a few hours.

What is the lead time to get a Fiamma f45 awning fitted?

We know that if you want a campervan awning rail you will likely need it ASAP. So to help our Fiamma awning fitting team have awning fitting slots most days of the week from 4-6pm. Get in touch with us to find out more

Are Fiamma f45 awning compatible with many drive away awnings?

The simple answer is YES. The Fiamma f45 awning has a C channel for drive away awnings to be attached and is compatible with most drive away awnings.

Do you have a Fiamma f45 awning fitting service?

We do all of our awning fittings from our campervan conversion workshop in Leicestershire. Our workshop is only a couple of minutes from J21 of the M1, making it ideal for people from Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and the West Midlands who are looking for Fiamma awning fitting services.

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