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Frequently Asked Question from Bearwood Campers

  • What is a custom camper conversion?
    When searching online for a camper for sale it is easy to get bogged down and lost in all of the options, specs and opinions of ‘experts’ and different manufacturers. A custom camper conversions is simply a refit or retro fit of a van or mini bus (usually a VW Transporter, but we will explain more about those below). No matter what base van you are converting the fundamentals of a custom campervan conversion are for you to add a bed, kitchen, electrics, lighting, heating, windows and ideally a pop top roof. At Bearwood Campers we specialise in unique campers and custom camper conversions doing to the highest standard.
  • Where is Bearwood Campers based?
    Our workshop is surrounded by lovely farmland in the village of Desford West Leicestershire. We are just 5 minutes form J21a of the M1.
  • Can I live in my camper?
    Simply put YES. As long as your campervan is similar to Bearwood Campers Unique campers and has insulation, diesel heater, kitchen area, hob, sink, fridge, bed, power points, 230v hook up, waste and fresh water then there is no reason you can not live and work from your campervan.
  • What’s the differences between a campervan versus a motorhome?
    This question is one that gets asked a lot on the camping forums across the UK. Generally, people looking for a motorhome for sale will tend to need more room, whereas campervan fans tend to be looking for something a bit more dynamic, unique and flexible. Campervans allow you to be more spontaneous with where and when your next excursion. Campers have less space than standard motorhomes but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in facilities and equipment.
  • What are the best campervans to buy?
    We might be bias, but Auto Express, top gear and the hundreds of thousands of campervan owners seem to agree with us, VW campervans are a cut above the rest. VW have built an excellent reputation and have been building campers and base vans for over 70 years. For use it has to be a VW T6 campervan or VW T6.1 campervan built on the T6 &T6.1 Highline Transporter. VW Transporters come in startline, trendline and highline. For us the upgrades that the Highline has, air con, advance driver assist system, heated windscreens and other upgrades make it the perfect base van.
  • What vans does Bearwood Campers convert?
    We specialist in converting VW T6 Transporters and VW T6.1 Transporters.
  • What matters more, mileage or age when buying a VW campervan?"
    VW transporters where designed as commercial vehicles to cover large distances. This means mileage doesn’t need to be as much of a consideration as it would be if buying a car. Age of the vehicle is more important than the mileage. As newer VW T6 campers and VW T6.1 campers have the latest technology and also will come with VW manufacturers warranties.
  • Can I design my own unique campervan?
    Bearwood Campers team love to co design campervans with our customers. Everyone on of our campervans is unique and we take that one further with our custom designs. Our team meet with you in person to go through your ideas, your wish list and then go away and work out how we can make you designs a reality.
  • Can I choose the colours in my custom campervan conversion?
    Yes. You can choose almost everything in your custom campervan conversion.
  • What equipment can I have in my VW campervan?
    There are a huge amount of things you can have in a campervan. We think that the very basics are for you to have a bed, kitchen area for cooking, fresh water and an area for washing up. We think that the standard Bearwood Campers VW T6 campervans and T6.1 campervans set up is a pretty good guide for a fully loaded set up. Having swivel seats for your front passenger seats is ideal; Leisure battery; Diesel heater; Fridge; Duo sink and gas hob; Fresh and waste water tank; Gas locker; Carbon monoxide alarm; LED lights; Rock and roll bed; Pop top with a scenic tent and bed. The extra options people tend to add are awning rails and solar panels.
  • Where is the leisure battery located in a Bearwood Campers VW T6 campervan and T6.1 Campervan?
    Our leisure battery’s are tucked away behind your campervans fridge. This makes the most of the dead space, allows easy access if needed and enables us to make our kitchens more user friendly
  • Do Bearwood Campers sell ex-hire VW campervans?
    No, all of our campervan are brand new conversions. You will be the first person to use your Unique campervan from Bearwood Campers
  • How much do Bearwood Campers campervans cost?
    Our campervan prices are based on the same calculation each time. The cost of the base van + conversion equipment + conversion work. By working like this we can cost up any conversion easily. We are small family run company that focuses on one campervan conversion at a time from our small workshop in the Midlands. We keep our overheads low so that our Unique campervans can be some of the most affordable on the market.
  • Do you do discounts or accept offers on your campervans?
    We are always happy to listen to sensible offers for any of our campervans. Give us a call to chat through prices with us.
  • Can I drive a campervan on a standard driving licence?
    Yes you can.
  • Do Bearwood Campers VW campervans have toilets?
    As standard we do not install toilets to our campervans. You are able to buy stow away toilets online if you would like to have one.
  • Do you Bearwood Campers offer campervan hire?
    No. We love converting and building Unique campervans, so we just focus and specialise in doing that
  • Who undertakes your conversions?
    We are a small family run company and all the work is done be a very small team. Our founder Craig, is a qualified carpenter and electrician, managers ever conversion. Our other co owner Tom supports Craig with conversions. Big Dunc is our inhouse mechanic and Dad. Ady Doyle is our auto paints guy. That’s it, each unique campervan is made by these four.
  • How tall are VW T6 campervans and VW T6.1 campervans?
    With the roof closed our unique campers are 2.1m tall
  • How long is a VW campervan?
    Our campervans are built on the VW T6 and T6.1 transporters. They come in two lengths. SWB are 4.9m long and LWB are 5.3m long
  • Are all Bearwood Campers VW T6 campervans and VW T6.1 Campervans diesel?
    We prefer the diesel models and 99% of our work is done on Diesel VW Transporters. We are more than happy to do a custom camper conversion on a petrol or even the new electric Transporter.
  • What size engines do Bearwood Campers unique campervans have?
    As standard they have the VW 2.0L diesel engine. This is usually set up at 102-110 Bhp. However we do sometime get 150Bhp engines in and are able to remap the engines up to +150Bhp for custom campervan conversions.
  • Should I choose a VW T5, T6, or T6.1?"
    If you are able to we would suggest going for a VW T6.1 campervan. This is just because it is a newer vehicle with all of the latest technology and advances. That said if your budget can not stretch to a VW T6.1 Campervan then the VW T6 campervans are still a fantastic option. The T6 won multiple awards as a van and Bearwood Campers only buys quality base vans that are still within VW manufacturers warranty.
  • Should I buy a SWB or a LWB campervan?
    SWB are 4.9m and LWB are 5.3m. You get roughly an extra 30cm inside. It does make a big difference to your inside space, but also to the drivability of your campervan.
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