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Self build campervan suppliers list

Bearwood Campers are a professional VW campervan conversion company that gives its customers something a bit different. We are known for high quality and attention to detail that is only gained from them focussing on one conversion at a time. We are experienced converters who are also qualified electricians, carpenters and mechanics. People love our bespoke handcrafted cast resin worktops that take us ten days to make. We are also aware that we are only able to create our unique campervans with some fantastic suppliers. The companies in this list help us with the best industry knowledge, great customer service and always go the extra mile. If you are looking for suppliers to help with your own campervan or your self build camper then we know that these are the companies you need to talk to.




Where should I buy my base van from?


We often get asked by people looking for base vans where is the best place for them to find the ideal base van. Whilst Auto trader is the market leader and the go to place when trying to find a vehicle. the issue is that often vans are gone before Auto Trader can be updated. This can be really frustrating as half your wish list is often already sold. We find that some of the best places to look are the smaller dealers and small rental companies around the UK. We strongly recommend Manchettes of Newmarket, 3B hire of Aylesbury, Westwood Motors of Wigan and CMW cars of Sutton.



What Pop top should I buy


There are many companies in the UK supplying pop top roofs. Getting a quality pop top is vital to the success of your campervan and also to the resale value. Firstly we always recommend getting an approved and accredited fitter or fitting company to install any pop top roof that you buy. Bearwood campers use Austops and Skyline pop top roofs. We can not recommend these two companies highly enough. they have been in the business for decades, look after their customers and have a huge range of options to suit any customer and any van. Both give a 5 year warranty on their pop top roofs, which we think shows you the quality and confidence they have in their pop top roofs.


Where can I find campervan windows?

We always remove the standard glass windows in our base vans and instal privacy tinted rear windows in our campervans. there are lots of companies in the UK that make ranges of windows for T6 and T6.1 transporters. We use both VGC and All screen nation.


Where can I buy a rock n roll bed and Rib bed?


As with the pop top roof we think it is vital to get a Crash tested bed. This means the bed design has passed the safety standards to allow for people to travel sitting on them in the rear. Again there are lots of companies to choose from. For us the best rib beds in the business are the Uberfluxes from Banwy. The Rock and Roll beds that we love and use in our campervans come from Captain seat .

Where do Bearwood Campers kitchens come from?


Our kitchens are becoming famous in the campervan world. The cast resin Oak worktops are made by our very own Craig. They take him ten days to make and each one is truly unique. Our kitchen units are also very different from the norm. One of the UK's leading kitchen manufacturers has partnered with Bearwood Campers. they have worked with our team to design bespoke kitchen units for our campervans. 


Where can I get the wood I need for my conversion?

The UK has loads of timber suppliers. For us though it has to be Harlows for timber and Magnet for flooring. These guys do quality products with the durability to be in your homes.


Where can I get lining carpet?


We use a company called Harrisons Trim Supplies. They have a fantastic range of carpets, colours and adhesives. they can sell the amount you need and their team are always happy to help on the phone.


Where can I buy solar kits and solar panels for my camper van?

We get our Solar kits from Just Kampers. They have a huge range of kits and panels.


What are the best swivel seats?

When it comes to swivel seats we love the brackets that Kiravans have invented. They have single captains for driver and passenger plus double passenger options. Their swivels are simple to install and easy to use.


Where is the best place to get body kits, spoilers and lowering springs?


Bearwood Campers do several different styles of campervan along with custom designs for people. Depending on what we need we use three companies, all of which we recommend highly. Leighton vans has some unique spoilers that really standard out, Van styles and Van tech have a huge range of body kits for all types of base vans and campervans


Where can I get my campervan mapped?


The only people we trust to map our Campers is Pendleton. They have a network of mappers all across the UK and their technology is second to none.


Where can I buy fridges, hobs, fixtures and fittings for my campervan?


During the last year, suppliers have had a really hard time having enough stock. We have used three brilliant companies for fixtures, fittings, electrics, fridges, hobs, sinks and much more. UK Leisure, Rainbow Campers and Just Kampers will be able to support you to get everything you need.

Where can I buy curtains for my campervan?

We use both Just Kampers and Kiravans for our curtains. We tend to go for blackout curtains as they just work better when camping.


Where can I get custom signs and plaques for my campervan?


Signomatic are great. Loads of customizable options, great prices and rapid delivery. We always put a signomatic plaque in our campervans


Where can I find a camping gas bottle for my campervan?


Chorley gas are the way to go for us. They have a huge range, loads of stock and rapid delivery.

Are there festivals and communities to get involved in?


Yes there are loads! Our favourites are Busfest and Dubbed out. Dubbed out is a huge community of VW campervan owners. With a huge facebook page, local regular meet ups and their festival each year we think every VW camper owner should get involved.

Where do we get our awesome merch from

The fantastic Lydia Lovegrove Design does all our clothing. Lydia Lovegrove Designs

Where are the best route maps and guides?

We love the guys at they have awesome maps,

guides and memberships. Check them out 


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