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How to use a single swivel seat

1. Start with making sure that the seat is slightly forwards and in an upright position.

2. Make sure that the seat is raised using the lever between the door and the base of the seat so that the plastic covers do not catch on the swivel mechanism.

3. With your right hand push the red swivel release lever forwards and keep pressure, with your left hand grab the right hand of the seats and give it a solid pull. If you find it easier you can push the left side of the base instead.

4. Reverse to put away and make sure it clicks back into position

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How to use a double swivel seat

1. Unwind, lift up into lock position the 4 locking bolts out so that the seat can move freely on its pivot point.


2. Make sure that the driver's seat is in the upright position, slide as far back as possible with the armrest raised up.


3. Then take the bench seat and slide the righthand side forwards and up towards the gear stick.


4. Then start to turn the seat around. You will use a light bit of force to get the seat base past the hand brake and then past the door pillar.


5. Bring the seat into position and drop the two locking bolts back down so that the seat doesn’t move.


6. Reverse to put away.

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How to use a pop top roof

1. To raise the roof to undo the two straps fully.


2. Once straps are completely undone push the roof up. The gas struts will push the roof into its fully open position since you get it moving.


3. To open the scenic tent simply pull down on the straps a little to release the pressure from the gas struts. This will then allow you to unzip the bottom of the scenic tent. Once unzipped you fold the tent back and use the poppers to clip the canvas into its upright position.


4. To put away the scenic tent pull down on the straps to release the pressure on the gas struts and then zip back up.


5. To put the top back down pull it down 80% of the way until the roof is being held down under its own weight. Then tuck in the canvas of the tent so non are sticking out. Feed the straps back through the loops and pass the end of the strap flat from the back to the front of the strap buckle. Pull down and tight making sure the outside rubber has a tight seal.

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How to use campervan fridge 

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How to use a 230v hook up

1. Pop the bonnet and plug it in.


2. Blue lever is to release the plug when taking it out.


3. When it is plugged in drape cable past lights and close bonnet to first catch.


4. It will indicate that it is open on the dashboard so you hopefully won't be driving off without seeing that!


5. Located in the cupboard an RCD mains switch protects the 230V hook up. Which will need to be turned on to allow the sockets in the van to work.

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How to use a camping gas bottle

1. Remove the cover with quarter-turn catches, pull the retainer strap loose, remove the bottle.

2. To remove the hose off of the bottle that is a reverse thread. To remove the regulator off the bottle you just unscrew it.


3. To fit a new bottle, screw on the regulator, screw on the hose (reverse thread) and make sure they are screwed tight.


4. Make sure that the tap on top of the regulator is turned off when not in use (ie travelling).


5. When changing the bottle the hob will take a few clicks to pull through the new gas.

How to use campervans fresh and waste water

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How to use a Rock 'n' Roll bed

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How to use a campervan diesel heater

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Anchor 12: Camperva electrics

Campervan  electrics explained

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